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Emerald Beach Is Almost Back

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Emerald Beach at the Erie Basin Marina looks like it’s finally on its way to being cleared of debris. Thankfully, Ellicott District Councilman Curtis Haynes has been in contact with the City engineer whose crew has begun to remove the largest pieces of driftwood. This spring the beach’s entranceway was more congested (with driftwood) than usual for a couple of reasons (see below). At the same time, there was still plenty of exposed sand towards the water to make climbing over the driftwood worthwhile albeit hazardous.

I have heard from a few sources that much of the excess wood that piled up this year came from the clearing of Dead Man’s Creek adjacent to where the rowing boathouse is to be built. The beach had also fallen into disrepair due to lack of representation at council level. It will be good to get the rest of the wood cleared from the beach because people have been walking to the water’s edge for a couple weeks now – it’s not an easy climb for some. Then, once the debris is cleared and we have another successful beach season, it would be nice to revisit some former BRO posts that covered so many potential plans talked about for this area that have apparently never been revisited. Erie Basin Marina has so much more potential that goes untapped year to year!

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