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Has anyone else notice these rusted out, sun-washed buses around town? Even when they were new they were obnoxious and unsightly, but now they are just a wreck. How does the NFTA even let these pieces of junk leave the garage in the morning?

If the NFTA ever does get around to selling new ads on its buses, maybe it should consider putting limitations on how unsightly they are to begin with. Aren’t there any companies that would like to add to the beauty of our neighborhoods rather than bombard us with the worst marketing programs that they can dream up? Can’t we keep the crass marketing to the TV where you can actually choose the channel or change it when a loudmouth ad comes on? Unfortunately, the public is stuck with whatever the NFTA wants to serve us. Even worse, the program gets outdated fast, with no end of the ugliness in sight.

If we can’t get the clean air hybrids, can’t we at least get something tasteful? Or clean up the ones that look broke down and busted. To get a better look at the problem, click on the image below:


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Buffalo Rising

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