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Sweet & Spicy

Queen of Mexican cuisine and former Buffalo Rising contributor, Laura Anhalt, has released a wonderful sauce under the label she and her business partner, Beverly Barry, own–A Taste of the World.  What began as a series of cooking classes based out of Anhalt’s Buffalo home has evolved into a line of must-have gourmet sauces, a soon-to-be-released cookbook detailing Laura’s affinity for the cuisine of her homeland, and a busy career as a promoter of both.

We covered Anhalt’s delicious and versatile take on chimichurri when it first came out a few years ago.  She was ahead of her time with that one–it seems that while chimichurri has been popular in other cities for ages, it had never really taken hold here in Buffalo.  In the last year I have seen it on restaurant menus and in bottles on market shelves. A Taste of the World’s Chimichurri is especially good and worth the effort of a special trip to the supermarket, but that’s old news.

Today I want to talk about the duo’s new Mexican Chocolate Truffle Sauce.  This sauce is smoky, earthy, sweet and deeply satisfying, but what makes it extra special is its texture.  If you warm it in the microwave or over a double boiler, it makes a delicious and sophisticated topping for ice cream or cheesecake and a beautiful fondue for fresh fruit, pound cake or even marshmallows.  But if you prefer–like Anhalt herself–to enjoy it straight from the jar, its texture is exactly that of a fine truffle.  Delicious!

Anhalt and Barry use a local co-packer and have personally sourced the coca beans and all of the other ingredients from outside of our region.  While someone may be able to replicate the basic ingredient list used to make this fine product, it is impossible to replicate. The duskiness of the cinnamon and chile components lend a complexity to this sauce, making it superior to any other ‘bottled’ chocolate sauce or dip I have ever tried.

You can find it at local markets with a commitment to offering quality, locally manufactured foods, including: The Village Beer Merchant, Dash’s, Chateau Buffalo, Johnny’s Meats and Premier Gourmet.

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