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RPM Network: 20 Years in the Making

After following the latest happenings on Amherst Street, I pretty much figured that I had the beat of the neighborhood nailed down. There were new galleries, up and coming restaurants, buildings bought and buildings sold… lots of activity these days. So to find that there had been serious music recording and production studio rising to the surface while the rest of the street was starting to hit its stride… well, that was a surprise.

It was an even bigger surprise to learn that the interior facilities have been a ‘work in progress’ for the last 20 years. Alan Dusel, owner/Director of RPM and Starfields Productions (formerly with Trackmaster) has been in the music industry nearly his entire life. But his real goal was to build his own professional 5-room engineering, full production facility, offering studio sessions, live on location recording, control and tracking services with arranging and mastering capabilities, along with a performance venue. With the majority of the work complete, Alan is in the process of building a stage where RPM members will be able to perform, record, host, present and attend any and all music-related forums, seminars and performances.


On top of everything else that the space provides, Alan has expressed that the networking services are key to the growth and success of RPM. He has already amassed a large number of local professionals, 150 of whom came together yesterday to listen to a few talented artists while learning about the future of the studio. The idea is to provide a one-stop shop for musicians. Additional services include equipment exchange/trade/purchase, graphic design and in-house photography (Collignon/Jarosz Photopgraphy is located on the first floor) as well as music copyright and attorney services.

RPM isn’t the only music-related buzz on the street. There are a couple more exciting industry happenings that we’ll be sharing with you in weeks to come. For now, RPM joins Sessions Recording Studio on Amherst Street, DTR45 on Hertel and Audio Magic an Military to put this area on the map as a major recording hub in the city.

RPM Network (a division of Starfields Productions)
463 Amherst Street (across from 464 Gallery)
Buffalo NY 14207

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