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Community Task Force Seeks Developer STAT!

Central Park Plaza is a joke, and has been a joke for a long time. The sad part about the laughable condition of the plaza is that it is the entire neighborhood that suffers alongside. Moments ago I received a call from neighborhood activist and neighbor, Joy McDuffie, who told me that the plaza is scheduled to be in housing court (again) Tuesday morning. You would think that the City would be able to take care of this disaster of a property, but as Joy pointed out, the only way to get the property condemned is with serious interest from a developer.

There are people who live adjacent to this property who would do just about anything to see it change hands. Why wouldn’t a developer want it? Good question. “What we have here is 26 acres of prime land near the LaSalle Station,” Joy pointed out. “You would think that this would be prime spot for a grocery store or a housing complex. There are nice homes in the neighborhood, and people are trying to fix up surrounding blocks. The plaza could be catalyst for development – instead it is an eyesore. I have recently joined a community task force to Revitalize Central Park Plaza.  The NY city property owner (see background) has neglected the parcel and is holding on to it despite viable purchase offers. The property is in housing court and the group is trying to get the property condemned to force its sale. One member of the group, Beverly Davis, has attended the housing court case 19 times to express the community’s concerns over the blighted property.  However, the City is reluctant to condemn it without a viable developer because the City can not afford to maintain it.”

From Dawnette Leftwich of the 5 Points Block Club:

“Our group was founded by Beverly L. Davis who is the President of the 5 Points Block Club in the City of Buffalo’s Masten District.  Mrs. Davis has been dedicated to the cause since late 2008.  The problem is that the Central Park Plaza is owned by Samuel Kurz of Brooklyn, NY and he has let this 26 acres sit for over 20+ years and has done nothing to improve the property or even to keep tenants at the property.  Our initial goal was to get him into housing court which has happened but still nothing has changed.  Mrs. Davis has been to Housing Court on 19+ occasions and at the last hearing asked that the property be condemned.  This property and the different buildings that reside on it are inhabitable and unsafe and the property needs to be condemned so the city can take over and sell to parties that are interested not only in the parcel of land but in the community that surrounds it.  The HRCPP group is currently looking for developers who may be interested in possibly purchasing the parcel or a portion of it, we are not sure what the City plans to do when and if this property does get condemned.”
Anyone with questions or comments or interest in the plaza please contact Beverly Davis at: or via telephone 716-834-4193 or email Dawnette Leftwich at:

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