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Horsefeathers on Chandler Street: What a Find!

Sometimes the most unexpected turn of events can take place at the most unusual places. Take, for example, a bike ride down Amherst Street that ended up a short distance away on Chandler Street. We were scoping out some of the old industrial warehouses, a few of which are for sale, when suddenly I spotted a long lost treasure from Buffalo’s West Side. Horsefeathers!

I knew that the antiques and architectural warehouse had moved from its long time location on Connecticut Street, but I had assumed that it had moved into a non-public space somewhere in the nether reaches of Buffalo. If you’ve never been over to Chandler Street, do yourself a favor and go. The owners of Horsefeathers have taken over a gorgeous old brick building and have loaded it with showrooms filled with some of the greatest finds of all time. There is an area featuring vintage mid-century modern furniture and another with retro prints and commercial signs. The walls are covered with various oddities, while spaceships from dismantled carnival rides hang from the ceilings. If you fish, you will be amazed at the hundreds upon hundreds of antique fishing lures. The place is stocked with lighting fixtures, instruments, original artwork, doors, doodads and everything in-between. Don’t expect to find steals at Horsefeathers – these one-of-a-kind treasures are just that. Regardless of whether you walk away with something (I did not), the sights are enough to make your day!


Horsefeathers is almost as mysterious as the street it resides on. As we were walking around checking out all of the structures (see below), it was almost like being down in the Cobblestone District (right before it got going). The potential on Chandler is awesome. It’s also at a crossroads due to the condition of a few of the buildings. For now, there is density and if the right shift occurs, this could be an exciting district in years to come. Of course, the flipside is that a couple of the buildings probably won’t make it unless the roofs are fixed or replaced. Fortunately there is finally hope for Chandler now that Horsfeathers and Kennel Club Grooming are shining a light on the area. We will be shining another light on Chandler in days to come, so stay tuned! 

Open to the public with regular hours on Thurs, Fri, and Sat from 10am-5pm.

Call ahead: (716) 882-1581 | (716) 882-0215


Horsefeathers Antiques and Architectural
37 Chandler St. (locate site)
Buffalo, NY 14207

Here are just a couple of the buildings found on Chandler!



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