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Frisbee Golf Anyone?

Have you noticed that on warmer days Bidwell Parkway has turned into a Frisbee thrower’s paradise? There are more Kan-Jammers, casual throwers and even some golfers these days. I’ve talked to a few of the players who have expressed an interest in seeing a Frisbee golf course established somewhere in the city, but not being an expert in the game, I thought that I would reach out to readers who play, to see if there is enough room to map a course at one of the local parks.

Frisbee golf has turned into a passionate sport that has gained a ton of momentum over the past five years. Not only are players dedicating more and more time on the course, they have also been known to play throughout the winter. What I like about the game is that it can be played in parks as they are… there is no need to do much other than map a course and add baskets. It’s a low barrier to entry, anyone can play, and the equipment is cheap. The only obstacle is space. The game can be played in both open and wooded areas, around water hazards and even up and down hills. Delaware Park, LaSalle Park, Riverside, Cazenovia, Outer Harbor? If you are familiar with courses and have any suggestions where a decent one could be established, please let me know. If you would like to help in establishing a course, send me an email.

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