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Dream Inspired Exhibition:

“I’ve always been interested in the stories we tell one another,” said artist Tim Rizzo.

Rizzo, inspired by a dream he had years ago, will be presenting his multimedia design exhibition on Friday, April 30 at Studio 302, 567 Exchange Street, Buffalo from 7PM to 10PM.

“I suppose what I’m trying to do is give people an interesting puzzle, a story that they can give meaning to. That’s how I experienced it, at least, and that’s what I’m trying to recreate,” said Rizzo.

The exhibition consists of digital prints, live music and narration supported by an interactive website, Kelm’s Car, Rizzos band, will be performing thelittlewaves during the opening reception and again at 8PM and 9PM. Recorded work by local musicians will be featured throughout the night including; Alfred Brown, A Thousand Kim, and Jeff Susczcynski. Some of these artists created pieces specifically for the project.

“[I] have been writing lyrics and music for years. My interest in other media has mostly come from wanting find better ways to tell a story and I love graphic design for its focus on results,” said Rizzo. “If it doesn’t communicate, it’s broken.”

At first thelittlewaves was just a story, spawned from a dream, but it continued to creep into other projects Rizzo had been working on. Over time his understanding of it had changed significantly. Thelittlewaves is an attempt to put it all together in a new context and present it in a meaningful way.

Other than the collaboration on the music, and assistance in programming the interactive website, this is completely Rizzo’s creation. The website serves as a recreation of the opening day experience. The site will go live when the show opens on Friday, April 30 at 12AM. There are some things, however, that will only be found on the website and Rizzo plans to continue to add to it.

As for the title, Rizzo said he was inspired by the ‘little waves’ in his dream.

Be a part of the excitement and join Rizzo online at, the future of art and multimedia.

Studio 302 @ 567 Exchange Street (find location)

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