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Do You Know the Muffin, Man?

Today’s post is simple.  I’ll try to keep it that way, at least. I want to share with readers one of the most incredibly delicious items I’ve eaten outside of a restaurant all year. Made right here in WNY and sold in shops scattered about the area, this food item is a thing of beauty.

Glance, if you will, upon the stunning object pictured below. Crusted in cornmeal, it is chewy on the inside, yet when toasted (as it is in the photo), it is crispy in all the right places.  It is a simple (albeit, perfect) English muffin. Enjoying one of these is a deeply satisfying experience–in texture, toothsomeness, portion and flavor it is a divine breakfast, one fit for a king.  Perhaps you think I’m silly to be so excited about a muffin, but if you’ve never had one of these, I suggest you hold your judgment. You may enjoy store-bought, factory-made English muffins (and I’m not here to tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t), but these English muffins are just so much better.

le metro muffin 1.jpg

Crafted by none other than Buffalo’s own Le Metro (my goodness we miss their city location), urbanites can feast on these magical muffins by purchasing them at Sweet_ness 7. Simply toasted with butter and jam, it is easy to revel in their magnificence. They are also an integral part of S7’s slammin’ breakfast sandwich, made with cheese, scrambled egg and tomato.  If you prefer to eat breakfast at home, you can regularly purchase them at Dash’s (we like the one on Hertel), where they sell an assortment of Le Metro’s items. 

It is such a joy to find local bakers still making delicious items from scratch instead of simply proofing and baking frozen bread items purchased from a national distributor. I think sometimes we forget what real food tastes like. After time, our memory of good, real food gets lost amongst the every day inundation of frozen, re-heated, re-hydrated, genetically modified, short-cut foods. If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, you may better understand once you’ve had one of these.

All of Le Metro’s bread products are of very good quality, I often purchase their ciabatta at Guercio’s.  The business of being a baker has changed so much. Today it is a challenge to be profitable, but it is even more challenging to be profitable and make a good product.  Cheers to Le Metro and the other local bakeries who work so hard to provide us with a delicious, artisanal bread (and English muffins!) in Buffalo. 

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