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BR’s Dyngus Day Poll

So you may have a ham hangover from yesterday, but shake it off.  Today is the day we will set aside our petty differences and rejoice, for today is Buffalo’s 49th Annual Dyngus Day!  With moderate temperatures and a recent bout of good weather, this year there is no excuse for not partaking.  In our poll today (upper left corner of your screen, below the site’s header), we’ve even asked you to tell us about your favorite part of Dyngus Day.  If you have some Dyngus Day experience, feel free to vote today, otherwise, maybe you want to hold off until you return from the festivities later this evening.

For anyone living under a rock, you might like to know that Buffalo is host to the world’s biggest Dyngus Day celebration and we do it right.  A quick glance at the schedule will show you that there are likely to be Dyngus-themed celebration somewhere close to home, but catching Those Idiots is, in my opinion, fundamental to truly enjoying this celebration of spring.  You can watch our kookiest polka band prep for today’s big show in the video below.

So stop by for a beer and some pierogi on your way home from work, or go home and change into your favorite Dyngus Day duds before heading down for the evening.  Let’s be honest, couldn’t we all use a night off after a family holiday?


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