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Which 4 big U.S. cities have fared best in recession?

According to a recent MSNBC post (among various other media outlets), Buffalo is one of the ‘Final Four’ cities that have remained relatively unscathed throughout the Great Recession. Associated Press disseminated the government report, which attributes the findings to the city’s recent diversification in industry. Even though part of why Buffalo and Rochester made it on the list was due to having slower economies before the recession, the report points to alternative growth industries (i.e. medical) and the Canadian dollar (increased cross-border shopping) as reasons for the economic faring.

In coming weeks we’ll be running a series on some different ways that Buffalo should be interacting with Canadian cities (and other American cities for that matter). You might remember Richard Florida’s theory of the Mega Region? Check out Tor-Buff-Chester from a BRO post back in 2007. How do we continue to capitalize on the Canadian dollar?

When it comes to the Medical District, we can’t forget to account for just how much of an impact University at Buffalo’s recent investments have made, and that is why the university should be continuing to invest along the Main Street spine that links the waterfront to South Campus (and everything in-between).

If we’re going to continue to make strides in a down economy, where else should we be looking? High speed transportation? The green revolution? Waterfront development? Built environment?

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