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“Under the Influence” A Photography Exhibit by Dinorah E. Santos

Dinorah is an AP Studio Art student at McKinley High School. Her medium is photography. Her concentration problem focuses on the problems and issues that young women face. She will also be exhibiting photos that will be included in the breadth section of her portfolio. The photographs are striking and thought provoking and well worth viewing.  April 29th, 7 -10 PM at Delaware and Chippewa SPoT.

Did you discover photography through school or on your own?

I discovered photography through my school. I have always liked art and was very interested in fashion and design, but when I came to McKinley I was introduced to photography and enjoyed it a lot. Then that’s where I started learning a lot about cameras and elements in photography and even worked in the dark room several times.

What made you choose the subject matter for this collection?

When I was given the project from my art teacher, Jackie Hart, I was not really sure what I was going to do. I kept on going back and forth about ideas. Then she gave me a separate project on the side and that were I learned about Cindy Sherman. I loved her work and that’s where I came up with the idea for my concentration. After that pictures just started flowing and I had a blast.

What sort of classroom support do you get for your art?

I got a lot of support from all my art teachers. Since it was the first year for AP Art we didn’t have a lot of the materials we needed. Luckily I had to other art teachers who had enough supplies. Ms. Harvey Help me whit my fliers and supplied me with computers. Mr. Sobala provided me with a great camera and taught how to mat and mount. He also supplied me with computers and supplies. He also gave me some tips and advice for m y pictures. Ms. Harvey help me a lot with what ever I needed and guided me till the end.

Do you plan to major in art/photography in college?

No I do not plan to major in photography, but I do plan to minor in it. I love photography I know I will be doing it in the future. You never know I might change my mind in the future and choose is it as a career. I would love to be a fashion photographer.

How does it feel to be doing an art show in a venue that gives it a wider audience than your fellow students and teachers?

It’s such a different feeling that sometimes I don’t know how to respond. I don’t know if I should be exited or nervous or even both. Right now I’m so focused on getting everything perfect and ready for the show that I don’t even pay attention to how close it is and how I would act the day of the show. It my first show ever, no one has really seen any of my work either then my teachers. I hope that my fellow student, teacher, friends and even people I don’t know who see my work sees what I was trying to say  in my pictures and first of all I hope they like it.

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