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Tri-Main Lands The Lunch Box

This past Saturday we made a trip to the Tri-Main Center to check out Apple’s Haberdashery. It was the first time in a long time that I had found myself visiting the building on a weekend. It was also an instant refresher course regarding many of the amenities that can be found when wandering the halls – some well-known, and others completely obscure. The trip reinforced thoughts that I have had for a while regarding the Tri-Main – an incredible building with a variety of fascinating amenities, but to the casual observer it can be out of sight, out of mind.

As I walked down the corridors, I passed by Buffalo Yoga as they were getting ready for one of their classes… what a stunning space! There are plenty of artist studios in the building along with some umbrella organizations like Buffalo Arts Studio and Impact Artist Gallery. Then there are the creative businesses, such as French Press, Kittinger Furniture Company and Great Arrow Graphics. I even found the Buffalo Inner-City Ballet Company inside. Such a beautiful building filled with so many talented organizations, culturals, and businesses (see here). It’s too bad that there isn’t more of an overall draw for people to congregate before setting out to explore… especially on the weekends.

Fortunately, that draw is on the way. Amy McCarthy, Co-Founder of Globe Market is, at this moment, in the works of setting up yet another The Lunch Box. The first was opened up last year at the Parkside Lodge (see story). The second, called the Lunch Box Kiosk, was then opened at Delaware Park’s Ring Road. This soup, salad, sandwich enterprise is just what the Tri-Main Center needs to get more people heading inside hoping to take advantage of the building’s offerings. I hope that there are regular hours on the weekends when it does fully open.

Tri-Main Center | 2495 Main Street | Buffalo, NY 14214-2154 | (716) 835-3366

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