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Reimagine Elmwood

If you could re-imagine Elmwood Avenue, would it be the type of street where, instead of just being able to visit the hi-profile commercial locations, there were others storefronts that you had to search out? Some stores and shops were surprisingly found in basements, and on second floors… a bit hidden, but when you got there, you would find all sorts of unique furniture, artwork, home accessories and chill music. Wouldn’t it be neat if the owners of these urban boutiques were young graduates from hometown colleges, who decided to stay and contribute to the city’s urban fabric and the cultural scene?

I found an eclectic store on Elmwood Avenue yesterday that fits that exact description. Cortney Morrison-Taylor and Hayley Carrow have come together to open a stylish and eclectic retro boutique (that plays refreshingly good music). Cortney graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in interior design, while Hayley is a graduate of Fine Arts from Alfred University. Their combination of talents has allowed them to create a funkalicious grotto filled with colorful Pyrex nesting bowls, Art Deco decanter sets, mid-century style tables, chairs and cabinets (some authentic, some reworked), mixed with original artwork and vintage lighting.  The two set up shop a couple of weeks ago and are planning their grand opening celebration in April (though the store is open now).

To me, this was a very refreshing departure from so many of the other storefronts on the street. Originally the space had been used as headquarters for the Elmwood Village Association. Last summer the association moved out and relocated next to Captain Jack’s (see space), while leaving a vacancy that I never thought would be filled again. I remember how cold and unfriendly the walk-down had been at the time… to see it now, filled with vibrant pillows and eye-catching glass, is a complete departure from its former life. I guess that’s why the name Reimagine is so apropos.

Reimagine is located at the corner of Elwmood and Saint James Place. Look for the entrance found on the left hand side of Elmwood Village Dental Care. Walk down the steps and you will find yourself transported back to an era where home furniture and accessories were modern and fresh, not just spin-offs and ‘redos’ of original styles.
Reimagine also offers in-home or office design services. Visit their website for additional information. Image: The interior of Reimagine wraps around the back and onto the other side – it’s a big space filled with lots of affordable stuff for young people looking to set up first-time apartments and homes.

Limited store hours:

Thurs. & Sat.: 11:00 – 6:00 | Fri.: 1:00 – 7:00 | Sun.: 12:00 – 4:00

Reimagine | 890 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14222 | 716.796.7058


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