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“Merge” with a New Tennis League!

When you think of ‘Merge Restaurant‘,
fresh food, a cozy yet sophisticated dining space, art and local music probably
come to mind. Here’s a new idea to associate with Merge – tennis! Beginning this
May, Merge will offer its first ever tennis league.

Per usual, Merge, owned by siblings Sarah and Eliza Schneider, invites
people to “come together.” The new league is just one more way the restaurant
is able to unite people with common interests, which in this case is tennis. Last
summer, Gabe Michael, cousin of Sarah and Eliza, conceptualized the idea for a
league. Although he has no formal experience, Michael is an avid tennis player
himself. His passion for the game inspired him to collaborate with Sarah and
Eliza to create the group.

The league is open to everyone, and you can sign up to play by
visiting the Merge
tennis league
Facebook page.  So far,
fifty three people have already shown interest. Tennis players of all skill
levels are welcome, but some experience is preferred.

Participants will be randomly paired up to play one doubles game
minimum per week, and will receive the names of their partner and opponents
through a Facebook message. Games will be played in various Buffalo parks, with
games being played from May until August. According to Michael, Merge will soon
be holding an informational meeting for all prospective tennis players.

Merge | 439 Delaware Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14202 | (716) 842-0600

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