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City Kids: A Mom and Her Toddler On the Go in Buffalo

Article By Rachel Fix Dominguez:

I moved back to Buffalo (with my California-transplant husband) in 2004 partly because of the quality of life here. Having grown up in this city, I always knew I’d like to raise my children here. And now that I am a mother (to a 17 month old son, whom we’ll call E.), Buffalo does not disappoint. Are there days, weeks, even months when I’ve lamented how the cold has limited our outdoor options? Sure. I’d be lying if I pretended to love every minute of raising a child in this climate. But overall I find that there’s plenty to do with kids in Buffalo, even in the depths of winter.

As any new parent soon learns, the world is a different place when you’re living in it with a little one. Restaurants get reevaluated in terms of how much they mind food on the floor, whether or not they’ve got good high chairs and food your kid will actually consume, and whether or not the other patrons throw daggers your way when you walk in the door. The shops you frequent are now partly determined by their proximity to other useful places, how many breakable items are within reach, whether a screaming, pre-nap child will be looked upon with sympathy, and what sort of changing table configuration (if any) is in place.

This series of posts (which I’m calling City Kids), to be updated as frequently as motherhood allows, will explore some of the ways families can have fun in the City of Good Neighbors. My goal for City Kids is not to unearth new or undiscovered places; rather, I plan to discuss what’s fun and interesting to do with a child (or two, or five, plus or minus a partner, grandparent, or other set of helping hands) in tow. I welcome your suggestions along these lines. Where do you go as a family? Where are your favorite places to take kids in Buffalo? What are some fun day trips you’ve made with children? Let’s share ideas about family-oriented activities and events in our community. From La Nova pizza night at home on wintry evening to an afternoon at the Albright-Knox to a possible day trip… the options for having fun with your little ones in and around Buffalo are extensive.

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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