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Buffalo Alternative Therapies

I always thought that acupuncture was a healing method that worked well for a lot of people who could afford to shell out the money for the practice. The only time that I ever tried it out myself was when I was writing an article on the subject. To go back would have cost me around $70 a pop. Thankfully Craig Labadie has picked up and moved from Boston to Buffalo, and with him has come Buffalo Alternative Acupuncture.

Craig has just set up shop over at 452 Franklin Street, an area of the city known for alternative healing practices. “The goal of the business is to make acupuncture more accessible and affordable,” Craig wrote to me. “By offering treatment in a community setting with a sliding scale fee of $15-40 (pay what you can/want), with a one time $10 paperwork fee.” What a concept! Now the idea of acupuncture is starting to look a bit more appealing. The idea of group acupuncture may be new to Buffalo, but it is certainly not new to other cities. Here’s what else Craig had to say about his group practice:

“Most acupuncturists in a one-on-one setting charge $65-$100+ per treatment, which excludes a large majority of the population from getting care.  People are treated in a group setting using reclining chairs, as well as a table.  People are treated fully clothed, as most of the acupuncture points I use are considered “distal” points (from knees/elbows down), which can be used to treat the whole body.   The community setting creates a  soothing collective calm, which most people find very relaxing.

“There is no insurance reimbursement (most insurers will not pay providers with a sliding scale), but what sometimes works is for the patient to get a receipt in order to seek reimbursement from the insurance company. For some, that process works. Regardless, the low cost also allows people with chronic pain issues to get frequent treatment which helps speed the healing process.”

I’ve always wanted to experience the benefits of acupuncture. Even though there is no insurance reimbursement the cost is fairly painless. The idea of going more than once for treatment is also appealing. Like any other sort of alternative healing, there is no such thing as a one shot deal. I’m happy that alternative healers like Craig are beginning to open their eyes to practices that are accessible by the many, rather than the privileged few.

Buffalo Alternative Therapies
452 Franklin Street
Buffalo NY 14202

Written by queenseyes


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