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A Buffalo Mix-Up Tour

My favorite BRO posts are the neighborhood slide show movies that I have put together from time to time.  They give me more opportunity to truly explore a place or subject visually. They have proven extremely popular and have elicited big responses.  Unfortunately they take a lot of time to construct so they are a bit more rare than I would like. 

Normally I focus these video tours on a particular neighborhood or street.  Some of the early slide shows were my best but they were done in a different format and are no longer available. I hope to reconstitute those in the future since BRO has a very big new audience that has never seen them.  In the movie included here I put together a broad based slide show of the whole city.  Too many areas are under-represented here, so I will need to do a few more of these city tours in the future. Consider this ‘Installment One’ of my Buffalo Mix-Up Tour.  The order of slides is completely random.  I wanted the contrast of context throughout the city to push people to see things in a new way, and perhaps get a new appreciation for a certain place that might be quite despite some known problems.

The music is from the very beautiful second album of The Swell Season titled “Strict Joy”.  As I was putting this together I was thinking of Buffalo’s huge ex-pat population. The words of the featured song “In These Arms”  works well with the pictures – an appropriate love song to a city that so many have left but wish to come home to.  So come on home! NOW!

One other note: All of the pictures are mine except for one by Nathan Farnsworth which slipped in.  Nathan has a wonderful collection of Buffalo images and has been generous with use of his pictures by BRO in the past.  Nathan is currently serving in our military in Iraq.  We thank him for that and wish him and his colleagues a safe return. 

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