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Local Director Jason Aupperle Talks about Bravo Sierra

Bravo Sierra premieres on Saturday, February 13th, at the
Market Arcade Theater. Buffalo writer/director Jason Aupperle’s sophmore film
is, according to him, “A political satire masquerading in the clothes of an action adventure
comedy.”  Set in fictitious
Shitholistan, a rebel leader battles the imperial forces of the Unite States,
Canada and the UN for control of the country’s money-rich sod fields. The cast
includes Kent Weber as the rebel leader,  Kristin Gilmet from Global Villiage Idiots,  Dave Gilmet, and the writer/director
himself, Jason Aupperle.

Anxious for the premiere, Aupperle talks briefly about
the making of the film: “On the night of the premiere, it will be exactly four
years since I came up with the idea and purchased my camera.  I shot it in the summer of 2006, and I
have been editing it and working on the visual effects ever since. I picked
this specific project because I wanted to do something challenging, and at the
same time make something funny that an audience would enjoy.  Since I was making an ultra-low budget
movie I wanted to keep in mind that an audience would eventually have to sit
through it.  So above all else, I
wanted to provide fun and entertainment. 
I hope I accomplished this.”

bravo sierra 1.png

The movie starts at 8PM, and all proceeds go to Carly’s
Club of Rosewell Park
.  “It was
never a question of whether or not I was going to give the proceeds of the
premiere to a charity.  Who am I to
keep the profit for, myself?  I am
just some no-name director of a local independent movie.  I should be lucky enough to have people
to come and see what I made.  So
many people acted in the movie and donated their time and efforts for free, why
should I capitalize on that?  I
just have fun making movies.  I
decided to donate the proceeds to Carly’s Club because I wanted to give to a
local not-for-profit organization. 
The thought of using the money to help fund pediatric cancer research
really appealed to me.” 

bravo sierra 2.png

Any last words? “Bravo Sierra is a tongue in cheek romp with  sexy villains, low budget special effects, slapstick comedy, and a fast-paced story that will keep on the edge of your seat.”

For more information and a trailer of the film, see:

See you at the movies! 

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