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Fleet Feet’s Snowy Buffalos

Is Snowy Buffalos a running group, or an awareness group?

Yes it is a running group to help motivate people to be aware that winter is cold, but it is possible to still run! 

How old is the group?

Fleet Feet has been offering a group run for several years, but this is
the first year we organized a program called the Snowy Buffalos.
January 6th was our inaugural run. 

How big is the group?

We had 37 runners on the last run and we are anticipating a larger
turnout for the next few runs in January as people bring more friends
to run.  

What is the caliber of runners? Can anyone join?

All calibers of runners are welcome to join. We ask everyone to check
in when they come to the store and sign in again when they return from
the run. We have some reflective vests for people who need more
reflective wear. Safety first!

We are keeping a tally of everyone’s Snow Buffalo tracks who is
participating in the program. Each run earns 5 tracks. Beginning in
February runners will be able to earn 5 Snowy Buffalo tracks for each
race they participate in wearing the “Snowy Buffalo” shirt.  All you
need to do to earn race points is send in a picture of you in the shirt
at the race. Showing up for all runs in January earns you a free shirt!
Otherwise you will be able to buy a shirt.   We hope people enjoy the
program and keep running through the winter!

Gordon’s Bar is offering a specials after the Wed run to our Snowy
Buffalo runners who participate, so after the run participants can hang
out and enjoy socializing with their fellow “Snowy Buffalos” Come join

Is there a dedicated group of runners who enjoy a winter’s run?

Training alone in the winter can be difficult. To stay motivated it helps to run with a group.  Fleet Feet Sports runs a marathon/1/2 marathon/10K training group that start in Jan/Feb.  That group offers a weekly long run that draws 60+ runners.  There is also a free Wed. night group run at 6PM from the store.  This winter we added some fun with Snowy Buffalos – run, race, earn points and prizes and have fun.  Our first running of the Snowy Buffalos attracted 37 people.  The interest in the group has bee tremendous and we expect participation to grow.


What roadways do you suggest that people run? Or is it best to stay out of the roads?

You can run on the roads most of the winter.  Dress right – warmth, moisture management, wind/water protection and reflectivity is all you need.  Running in the parks keeps you mostly out of traffic.  When you do take to the roads always run facing traffic, be aware and give way to oncoming cars.  If the sidewalks are cleared use them when you can.  It is all about being aware, visible and careful

Are there parks that you can suggest that are better than other for running?

Delaware Park, the Parkways, South Park, Chestnut Ridge Park are all good choices.

Are there groups that run all year ’round?

Yes, Fleet Feet Sports Snowy Buffalos is a new program that offers runners prizes and more to motivate people to get through Buffalo’s tough cold training season together.

I see a guy run down my street early on winter mornings… is it as cold as it looks?

No, because when you move you generate heat, so even though it is COLD outside your body is keeping you warm. All that warmth is heat energy in the form of calories that you are burning off.

If your body is sweating and it’s cold outside, are you subjecting yourself to becoming sick?

Yes and No. Keeping fit and active will help you stay healthy, but you will need to maintain your core temperature to prevent the onset of hypothermia or becoming too chilled that you may become susceptible to illness. First – once you go outside you need to stay moving in order to keep your body generating heat. Second – you need dress properly for the temperature. Dress in layers. The layer closest to your skin is the base layer. This should be a moisture wicking material. the second layer adds insulation and keeps warm air close to your body. The best materials trap a layer of warm air close to the body – one of our new lines (IceBreaker) uses merino wool.  There are many choices of technical fabrics to help keep you dry and warm. The outer layer should be water and wind resistant or even better water and wind proof. An outer layer those properties will block out the elements and keep you comfortable.

I’m aware of snow tires for cars… are there snow sneakers for runners?

The shoe companies make shoes that are specifically designed for the cold weather. These shoes have a more aggressive outsole that provides traction and are more insulated with waterproof materials like Gore-Tex. Some people like to run in a trail shoe throughout the winter because of the aggressive soles that provide a bit more traction. Some runners wear ice spikes that can be attached to regular running shoes to provide extra traction.     

Is Forest Lawn a good run in the winter? Does anyone venture to run along the waterfront in the winter?

Forest Lawn is a great place to get away from traffic in the winter.  The roads are generally kept clear of snow and ice, there is minimal traffic and it is quiet and peaceful.  A run in Forest Lawn also offers some hill work and you might catch sight of the resident deer too.  The waterfront can be beautiful in the winter.  The marina and the paths through Waterfront Village are also usually clear.  There is nothing better than leaving the first footprints in the marina on a snowy morning.  Windy days can offer a bit of a challenge but the views are tremendous.

Is there a group called Sunny Buffalos that runs when it’s warm?

We are still in the early stages of development for the summer running
program and we are very excited about the energy that this group has
generated, so it looks like something that will continue to grow into
something that is a year round.  Who know what we will call it – sunny
or maybe even Sweaty Buffalos!

Fleet Feet Sports
2290 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 332-3501

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