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Fieri @ The Blackthorn: February 1st Premier

You remember Guy Fieri’s tour through town last summer.  He stopped at Sophia’s and The Lake Effect Diner, among other eateries.  On February 1st at 10PM, The Blackthorn Restaurant and Pub in South Buffalo will be one of the featured restaurants on the national hit Food Network TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, in which Fieri will instruct his viewers in “beef on weck”. 
Buffalo Rising readers voted in The Blackthorn when we asked for reader suggestions, and production people from Fieri’s show were paying attention. Located at 2134 Seneca street in South Buffalo, The Blackthorn will be hosting a viewing of the show on the 1st.  All are welcome, and the party begins at 8PM. 
Patrick Lalley, co-owner, along with Hugger Adymy, had a great time with Fieri, and they’re eager to see and share the premier with their regulars and any Blackthorn newbies who want to come out for the event.

Lalley says, “We had a blast.  We were really nervous that morning, so at 8AM, Hugger and I cracked a beer open.  Guy walked in and said, ‘Oh! You are my kinda people.'”  
Members of the Buffalo Fire Department, regulars at The Blackthorn, had some fun with Fieri too (it’s not hard to do). Even though Lalley knew the star would be busy, he asked Fieri on behalf of his fireman buddies if he’d join them at the firehouse for Sunday dinner. Fieri answered, “Can you get them down here?”  One call to the chief later, who got clearance from the City, and the firemen were on their way.  “It was a great PR move,” Lalley said. “To have him interact here, with our people…”
Much to Fieri’s production crew’s dismay, he ran across the street for a lift in the bucket.  Expect to see some of that in the TV piece.  He was up there for the hour that his production manager was afraid he would be, explaining to Lalley that this had happened before.
As for menu, Fieri wanted beef on weck, the beer and cheddar soup, and a last minute change from the pub sandwich to a crab cake.  He was floored by the quality of the crab cake, so far from shore.  Lalley said they included several other “beauty shots” of food for the 24 hours of taping that will boil down to about 6 and a half minutes on air.
“It was such an honor to have him here,” Lalley says.  “And it’s estimated that the time on air we’ll get would be equivalent to a $3.5 million national advertising campaign.”
If you show up at the Blackthorn on the 1st, expect to see the downstairs of The Blackthorn transformed; Lalley and Hugger are bringing in an extra bar and 5 flat screen TV’s.  The upper level will still have seating for dinner and more TVs.  
Lalley says one of the producers was surprised by the idea that featured restaurants in Buffalo all invited each other to their shoots and watching events.  She said out of the 250 plus shows they’ve shot, they never saw anything like it.  “That’s just how we are here in Buffalo,” Lalley explains.
Image: Fieri outside of the Blackthorn with Lalley, his wife Kristen, and baby Anna.  

Written by David Steele

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