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Buffalo Music Hall of Fame About to Get a New Home

The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame currently lives online, but they have some good, tangible Buffalo music “stuff,” and if all goes well, they’ll be sharing it with the public, in a new venue, very soon.

What sort of stuff?  According to BMHF President Rick Mathews, there are items from notable Buffalo musicians going back to the 60s.  “We got Shakin’ Smith’s harmonica, Lance Diamond’s tuxedo, things from the Goo Goo Dolls, Stan Szelest’s organ and piano, set up just the way he used them…”
But Mathews, a bass player himself, says it was a thrill to hold the Fender Precision Bass that belonged to the late Tommy Calandra of Raven, donated by his son to the cultural group.  “Calandra was playing this in New York City when Raven was the house band [at Steve Paul’s Scene] at George Harrison’s request,” Mathews says.  “Jimmy Hendrix played this guitar, and I held it in my hands. Even played a few notes.”
About 50 artifacts from the 100 or so the BMHF has are on display right now at the Buffalo Museum of Science as part of their “Good Vibrations” exhibit, which runs until January 31st.  After that, the instruments, pictures and clothing that are on loan to the museum should find a new home.
Even better, the BMHF has formed a coalition with the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame and the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame so that the three non-profits will have a sort of “mall” together in a single place.  “We’re putting the plan together as a cultural coalition. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to house other culturals, maybe on a rotating basis, but we’ll stay put.”  Mathews says his all-volunteer board is dedicated and fantastic, working tirelessly to raise funds and plan events.  
Check out the exhibit at the museum, and we’ll let you know just as soon as the group finds new digs.
Image: Lance Diamond by Rimas Musteikis
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