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Revisiting Our 2009 Predictions

While we’re working on our predictions for 2010, we thought we’d take a look back and re-publish our 2009 predictions post.  If you’re keeping score at home, it looks like we scored about 4.5 out of 16.5.  The Aud is fully demolished though there is still no definitive deal on Bass Pro.  Dick Jauron was fired and the Bills may go 7-9 (though even that seems optimistic given their 5-9 record).  A house in Buffalo did sell for a new record price – $1.4M.  And another sold for $1.39M.  The Statler did sell for less than Bashar Issa paid for it though the sale is still not complete.  It sure seems like Cellino & Barnes ramped up their advertising budget as their faces are ubiquitous as ever.  As for Billy Fuccillo?  Well, he’s not on television as much as he used to be, but he is lighting up Twitter.  His Twitter account? What else –

16.5 Predictions for 2009 – Originally published on 12/30/2008

Anyone can write about yesterday’s news today.  We want to improve on that, so we’re writing about tomorrow’s news today.  This list of 16.5 predictions for 2009 is solid gold.  From sports to development to politics, we’re providing you a glimpse of the future, so enjoy.  
If you have any predictions for the new year, feel free to add to this list.  
  1.  The Aud is fully demolished and Bass Pro signs an agreement to build a store on the shovel-ready site.  
  2. Governor Paterson appoints Andrew Cuomo to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat as Caroline Kennedy’s public tour develops a Sarah Palin quality.  
  3. Two NHL teams run into financial difficulties and are sold and moved to different cities.  Jim Balsillie, CEO of Research in Motion, purchases one team and moves it to Hamilton, Ontario.  
  4. Mickey Kearns is elected mayor of Buffalo.
  5. As the country looks for every way possible to spend the massive Obama $700bn stimulus plan, construction begins on a new signature Peace Bridge.  
  6. Dick Jauron is fired and Jim Fassel is hired as head coach of the Bills.  6 1/2) If Jauron isn’t fired, the Bills go 7-9 next year with Jauron at the helm. 
  7. Due to worsening economic conditions for the media industry, the Buffalo News follows the Detroit Free Press’ decision to stop home delivery all but three days a week.  
  8. Despite the national housing market malaise, a house in the City of Buffalo will sell for $1.5M or more – setting a new record for the city.  
  9. In response to the nation’s move towards minimizing debt, spending less and living more within our means, Billy Fuccillo will lose more than 100lbs and no longer use his signature ‘HUGE!’ tag line.  Instead, he’ll shout ‘RESPONSIBLE!’ and the ‘HUGEATHON!’ will become the ‘RESPONSIBLEATHON!’
  10. Moog, one of Western New York’s more prominent companies, will be purchased. 
  11. Turner Gill, the best coach in Buffalo, will lead the UB Bulls to another MAC Chamionship.  
  12. Bashar Issa finally sells the Statler for less than $3M – a discount from the $3.5M deal that fell apart months ago.  
  13. Cellino & Barnes will increase their billboard advertising budget so that no Buffalonian can dive 250 yards without seeing their faces.  
  14. WKBW, which continues to struggle, will reduce its operations and be sold by parent Granite Broadcasting, which declared bankruptcy in 2006.  
  15. The feud between Phil Rumore and James Williams will end as one of the two leaves their post.  
  16. After getting little to no traction with his political action committee Responsible New York, Tom Golisano announces he intends to run for Governor yet again.  
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