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Vlog: New Buffalo Film to Debut

Erin Doyle is
a young filmmaker living in Buffalo, and next Wednesday, she’ll release her
pilot-length film, Vlog
at the Market Arcade Theatre on Wednesday, October 21 at 7PM. 

Vlog, shot in Buffalo, is a satyrical look
at being a 20-something in the highly-branded, consumerist internet generation,
something that should be of specific interest to our BR audience. (Trailer embedded below.)

Vlog, short for “video blog,”
looks at the unwanted attention brought to Doyle’s character, a copywriter
named Rachel, when her roommate posts an unflattering video on her blog,
bringing Rachel at least 15 minutes of questionable fame.

Doyle is a
writer, filmmaker, actor, improv comedienne and musician, who trained in London
and spent some time working in LA. 
She says, “I truly believe that we have the beginnings of a great
film community here, and this was my first attempt to bring a bunch of talented
locals together to make a film by and for Buffalo!”


After Doyle’s
initial screenings, Vlog
will be submitted to festivals all over the world.  Other than Doyle, the film stars local
actors Frank Rossi, (White Men Can’t Jump, Blue Chips, Days of Our Lives
), Tommy Wright, and Jess Weber.  Two Buffalo-born actors, Meghan McAdam
and Danni Lang (Fair Game
, opposite Sean Penn), came in from NYC to shoot with one of
Buffalo’s top cinematographers, Chris Santucci, who was assisted by Dominic

Attendees of
the screening, which is a mere $3, are encouraged to stop by shooting location
Merge Restaurant (439 Delaware) for an informal after gathering, where they’ll
get half off their first drink with their ticket stub!   

For more
information, visit the film’s website
 and Facebook page.  

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