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Think Corporate Massage: The New Office Pizza

From time to time, bosses or coworkers treat the office to a catered lunch, donuts, flowers – all sorts of things to make the workday brighter or say thank you.

One massage therapist, Chris Cochrane, has a better idea, and his clients love it.  Cochrane has table, will travel, and he finds himself invited to more and more offices and groups lately, where for $75/hour, he will set up a table, turn on the music, and work out workers knots.
“Sometimes HR people have employee wellness set up in their budget,” Cochrane says.  “That’s where I come in.”  Employees can opt to pool their resources and bring him in also.
Cochrane lives in the heart of downtown and he’s loving the calls he gets to go to the source and ply his trade.  “UB’s University Village at Sweethome gets busy around mid-terms,” Cochrane says.  “I go in for 4 hours sometimes, depending on how long a massage people want.”  One storage facility that uses Cochrane’s skills typically splits hours among workers so that he might massage 4 to 6 people in an hour.
“They print a sign up sheet. Then I come in, set up my table, turn on the music, and we’re in business,” Cochrane says.  Trained at the New York Institute of Massage, Cochrane says his hours are very flexible, and he loves doing what he does.  The workers, students and other clients love it too.
He’ll have a website up and running soon, but if you happen to be sitting at a computer, cramping up, Cochrane can be emailed at Think Corporate Massage.  
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