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The B_Team and Higgins Converge at D’Arcy McGee’s to Discuss Waterfront

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It’s no secret that Buffalo’s waterfront has been a hot-button issue for, well, a long time now.  Congressman Brian Higgins has been advocating revitalization in that area during his time in office, and many of us know that for Buffalo to continue the rebuilding process, the waterfront will need to be greatly improved. 

The B_Team and Buffalo Niagara 360, two local organizations comprised of young professionals with different methods for attaining the same goal of city revitalization, have teamed up to bring Congressman Higgins and their members together to talk about community involvement in waterfront development.

This meeting spurred as a result of the B_Team’s desire for a “high-impact” project to benefit Buffalo.  In the future, the B_Team hopes to directly work on a project to improve the waterfront. 

The event is set to take place Monday, October 19th, 6 PM at D’Arcy McGee’s, featuring an open bar, the opportunity to network with other Buffalo young professionals, and learn more about the waterfront.

Please register for the event by following this link.

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