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We’re not the only disgruntled Bills fans in Western New York.  You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who IS satisfied, unless they have that memory disease from Momento and are fortunate enough to be stuck in 1993. 

Even before dropping some very “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!” games to teams like Miami and Cleveland, games we thought would be W’s, someone took it upon themselves to create, a forum for Bills fans to sign a petition to end head coach Dick Jauron’s tenure here.  Don’t forget to check out the “Dick Dead Pool.”  Estimate when you think Jauron will get the heave-ho.  Get it right and you win a free t-shirt!

The site first came to our attention in this post when Buffalo Rising commenter Russ B left a very pointed message in the comments section.  “Join the movement,” it read, with a link to the site.  Today, over 1,500 people have signed the petition, all of whom have left comments pleading with Bills management to “do the right thing.”

At this point, the questions are: is the season even salvageable, and what would his firing accomplish?  At 1-4 and with the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots having at least one divisional win, (something the Bills under Jauron have not managed to do since 2007), it’s pretty clear the playoffs are out of the question.  It’s also clear he won’t even meet his quota of 7 wins and 9 losses every year.  So what would firing him matter?  For starters, it would show that someone in the Bills office is as sick of losing as the fans who are willing to buy tickets, jerseys, and $8 beers every Sunday.

We’re stuck.  If we refuse to buy tickets, will it result in changes, or will it result in the moving of the team to another city?  Here’s a fresh idea:  On November 1st, the Bills next home game against the Houston Texans, some fans are planning to stay out of the stadium til after the 1st quarter, as a way of protesting and extending the tailgating in the bargain (basically the only reason to head to games at this point).  Can you imagine a silent protest like that?  The always full Ralph, devoid of fans in a plea to better the team to which we’re so committed? 

Sign the petition.  “Join the movement.”

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