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Collins Says He’s Not Running for Governor, Raises $1000/Plate in Rochester

Buffalo’s County Executive says he’s not making a stab for governor of New York, but a $1,000 a plate Republican fundraiser held in Rochester last night might state otherwise.

The funds were raised in Monroe County for his Erie County programs fund, according to Collins, who says he has no intention of running for governor.  However, based on this New York Post article from last May, it has been has speculated that Collins would announce a run if fellow Republican Rudy Giuliani did not make the bid for the NYS governor’s spot.  (See for more.)
Speculation on this Republican “Plan B” was renewed recently because of the out-of-county fundraiser.  Back here in Buffalo, where Collins won the county executive race in a landslide victory in 2007, public opinion may have changed since Collins, a wealthy entrepreneur, was thought to have the ability to “run the county like a successful business,” something his predecessor, Joel Giambra had failed to do.
It may be up to Giuliani now, but Collins’ likelihood of a race and a win could be tainted by his record of continual head-butting with a predominantly Democratic legislature in Buffalo – something that may weigh against him with locals from both parties.  
On a scale of 1 to 10, we wonder how you’d classify Collins’ abilities as a leader.
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