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Beautiful Little Things

I love that
I can still find incredible things in Buffalo that I never knew about.  I
have been walking and exploring around Buffalo for decades and still I can be
surprised by this city.  Recently I found a whole boatload of these little
terra cotta sculpture tiles on a building, in a place that I have walked by
many times before.  They are very small and if you are not paying
attention they just become background colors in a field of simple craftsman-like
tiles at the base of the building.

For some
reason, as I passed by this time, I was a bit more aware–and they finally
caught my attention. There are probably 20 or 30 of them, and each is unique.  They
seem to be telling some kind of story.  Many depict scenes of labor or
harvesting, while others have an exotic foreign theme.  They are
absolutely wonderful little art works. They exude great mystery and perhaps
have something to with the original business that occupied the site.   

will reveal where they are in a few days.  If you know their location, you
are surely a major Buffalo aficionado–or perhaps you work in the building.  Take
a guess.




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