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ReUse: Gainer Is Back

The membership of Buffalo ReUse voted last night to have Michael Gainer – founder, demoted CEO, and finally deposed COO – of Buffalo ReUse back in the organization in some capacity.  Just what Gainer’s role will be is to be decided by the board, who will increase from 6 to 10 in the coming month with membership input. 

Gainer never actually left after his firing, but took the role of volunteer and continued to carry out the work he had started when he formed ReUse 2 years ago, minus administrative duties.  This week’s Buffalo Rising poll showed that the most popular choice among BR readers concerning Buffalo ReUse was to keep both current CEO Harvey Garrett and Gainer on in some capacity. 
There is no doubt that both Gainer and Garrett have very different and equally valuable skill sets to lend to the organization, so this ratified agreement by the membership is thought to have the best interests of the individuals involved as well as that of the core mission of Buffalo ReUse.
Although the firing seemed to have caused a fissure between the board and members, as well as a large segment of the public, the decision to keep Gainer in some role should result in satisfaction within the organization.  As Newell remarked this morning, “Firing Gainer from Buffalo ReUse is like firing Mickey Mouse from Disney World.  It just didn’t make sense.”
The annual meeting will take place on September 22nd, after which the nature and title of Gainer’s new role will be revealed.
Image: Caesandra Seawell from the ReUse site.
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