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Penzeys Coming After the Holidays

Penzeys Spices spokeswoman Margie Gibbons says that the new Elmwood Avenue location is coming, but probably not until after the holidays.  All of the shelving for their stores is a formulaic look that has the look of open wooden crates, and is manufactured in Wisconsin, home of Penzeys headquarters.

Slated to open at 783 Elmwood, Gibbons says that the inside of their space needs more work than expected at first, but that it’s going to be “a great fit in the neighborhood.”  In the meanwhile, Penzey aficionados are going to have to rely on the website for their spices, as they have in the past.
Gibbons says the store will carry spices, herbs and blends.  “The best the world has to offer,” Gibbons states.  “The best way to shop for spices is with your nose, so we have apothecary jars in all of the displays.  If your nose likes it, you’ll like the taste.” The store will also have recipes and free catalogues for customers.  “We see our job as helping the home cook bring great recipes to the table.”
Gibbons also said that she has relatives in the area, so she’s especially excited about the new Buffalo location.  In addition, she said Penzeys will be hiring locally, full and part-time. She expects the hours will be the same as other Penzeys stores, 10 to 6 on Mondays through Saturdays, and 11 to 5 on Sundays, but may change in accordance with the other shops in the area.  Someone will be on site in January to conduct interviews.  Watch for online applications here, though the Buffalo location is not listed as of now.
“We’re looking forward to creating a space where people will want to come in and wander around,” Gibbons says.
Image: Company file photo of typical Penzeys shop.
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