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New Survey Shows Support For Red Light Cameras

A new
statewide survey conducted from August 23rd to 25th of this year, by national
research firm Public Opinion Strategies (POS), reveals that 77 percent of New
York voters support the use of red-light cameras to monitor vehicles that run
red lights. 18 percent were opposed.  The survey concludes that widespread
public support for red-light camera safety programs is strong in all gender and
age demographics, in all regions of the state. 

The program is supported locally by State Senator
Antoine Thompson, who said, “The hope for red light cameras is that drivers
will be more cautious and more aware of their surroundings. I am a supporter of
red light cameras along with 77 percent of voters in New York.”

An Insurance
Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) review of international red light camera
studies concluded that cameras reduce red-light running violations 40 to 50
percent, and reduce injury crashes by 25 to 30 percent.  In addition to
reducing red-light running at camera-equipped sites, studies also show that
violation reductions carry over to signalized intersections not equipped with
cameras, indicating community-wide changes in driver behavior.  The
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit,
scientific, and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses –
deaths, injuries, and property damage – from crashes on the nation’s highways. 

“The support
registered for red-light cameras in New York State is consistent with voters’
attitudes toward this public safety technology around the country,” said Frank
Hinds, co-founder of the Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance.  Hinds’
daughter, Jennifer, was killed by a red-light runner.  “Our experience is
that red-light and speed cameras improve drivers’ behavior, reduce crashes and
save lives.”

Six New York
counties and cities currently have the authority to implement red-light camera
safety programs in the wake of legislation signed into law this past
legislative session. Previously, only New York City had legislative
authorization to implement red light cameras.  New York City’s red light
camera program, which is run by American Traffic Solutions, has been in place
since 1994.  NYC has logged a 73 percent reduction in red-light violations
since the red- light cameras were activated and many pedestrian, bicyclist and
motorists’ lives have been saved by the reduction in crashes.

Nassau County
started installation of red-light cameras at 50 intersections the first week of
August.  In addition to Buffalo, the cities of Syracuse and Rochester also
have legislative authorization to implement red-light camera programs.

The survey was
commissioned by American Traffic Solutions, which operates large municipal and
county photo enforcement programs in New York City, Nassau County, and more
than 170 communities across the United States and Canada.  


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