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Michael Gainer: “I did NOT moon the board!”

I got a frantic from-the-road phone call from Buffalo ReUse founder Michael Gainer last night in which he stated, “I did not moon the board, so whatever you hear, it’s not true.”

“Hold on a minute,” I said, “this is the first we’re hearing about it.”
“Well, not me,” Gainer said, “but I don’t know where it’s coming from.  I heard it was in ArtVoice.”  Gainer explained the long-standing rumor, saying that months ago, a friend of a friend, upon meeting him said she needed to ask him something.  The something was a question about whether he’d actually mooned the board of Buffalo ReUse at some point.  Gainer replied, “What?  No!”
But then there it was in print.
We suggested that perhaps it was the refrigerator repairman scenario: you work hard, do a lot of bending, your pants get loose, you bend over to pick up a dropped pencil – and bam, you pop a moon.
Gainer responded, “No way!  I wear a belt!”  A while later, most likely after he’d had a chance to pick up a copy of ArtVoice, Gainer texted me for reporter Geoff Kelly’s phone number.  Though I was 2 doors away from Kelly’s house, I stopped short of ringing his bell.  In Kelly’s defense, this sort of local lore is highly plausible in view of recent ReUse events, but Gainer insists there was no moon out on his behalf, last night or on any other.
As for Gainer’s continued involvement with ReUse, he says he’s confident and happy that a good agreement will be worked out.  After all, there are grant applications pending, through Gainer’s initiative, that could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in job training money.  The status of those grants may be contingent on Gainer’s presence at ReUse.
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