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Newell Nussbaumer, founder of Buffalo Rising, is now the owner and creator of Navigetter, a newly launched site in
the City of Buffalo. Navigetter is an online resource and search engine for… just about

in this college town we call Buffalo, Navigetter intends to fulfill two needs: 1) Show the thousands of new incoming
students what to see and do (along with the thousands upon thousands of
students who may not make it off campus as much as they should). 2) Map our
city’s resources for anyone who wants to live in a young, vibrant atmosphere filled
with passionate artists, entrepreneurs, learners, thinkers, doers and dreamers.
Want to learn about Buffalo? Then start by exploring Navigetter.

generated to mark venues of interest with a simple pin on a map, each dot on
the map at Navigetter is a micro website controlled by the person who plots it. Each
pin can be edited at any given time, thus making sure that content is current.
Even if a destination relocates, such as a business, its pin can be picked up
(in edit mode) and moved to a new location. And Phase 2 is just around the
corner, as the site is tweaked for Smart Applications such as iPhone. features
like ‘Tell a Friend’, bookmark and navigation directions.


In five
minutes, someone can map a resource–of which there are already almost
500–including parks, public art, shops, restaurants, lofts and more. Those
resources have been mapped by 200 users in less than a month. In one year’s
time, every crucial resource in Buffalo should be mapped, with photos, links to
home websites and channel tags.

With a lot
of tabs to choose from, the Hot Spots feature is unusual and very practical.
Click on “Hot Spots” and a grid of icons will direct you to your
wishes.  Want to know what to do on
a snowy day or a sunny day? Just click on the snowflake or the sun. Every
destination has been thought of, from what to do with your kids, to what’s on
the waterfront, and all the dense, fun streets in town. It will even show you what you
can find along the Metro Rail route. The customization towards Buffalo is

As the data
grows, there will be a natural tipping point when Navigetter will become an
indispensable resource. It’s quick, simple, informative, free–and made by
you.  What are you waiting
for?  Sign in now!

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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