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Cool Buffalo Real Estate Listing of the Week

Owning a lighthouse would be cool. I would not bet on being able
to live at the
South Buffalo Lighthouse, but if you have ever harbored
any maritime fantasies you couldn’t do better than this. 

Picture a grey,
rainy and wind swept dusk where you, plucky and stalwart, poised at the top of
your forty-three foot tower, are imagining that you alone stand between the
craggy shore and some important shipment of…well, let’s say GAP jeans since I
don’t really know what they ship here anymore.

On the other hand it would probably be great if a historical
society that specializes in lighthouses were to acquire it, being as that is
most likely what will, and should, happen to it. Tom Johnston president
of the Buffalo Lighthouse Association, said his group “will likely apply for
control of the dormant harbor guardian and open it to the public.” This
idea is backed by Rep. Brian Higgins.

So, alas those
maritime dreams of stormy dusks may have to wait, but hey there are a couple of
more lighthouses on the market…

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