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Central Terminal Restoration Corporation Announces New President

The Board of Directors
for the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation (CTRC) recently announced some
changes following the sudden death of the board’s president, Michael Miller.

Lewandowski was elected board president and chairman, while Anthony Bylewski
will serve as first vice chairman. They, along with other Board members
including Yuri Hreshchyshyn, Hank Olejniczak, Paul Lang, and Jeff Ingersoll,
elected Sara Etten as Secretary and Derek Punaro as Treasurer.

has been instrumental in the CTRC since 1997, and is well acquainted with the
mission and direction of the board through past President Russ Pawlak, and then Michael
Miller.  “Michael’s sudden death was a shock that was personally devastating
to me,” Lewandowski said.  “He called on that Thursday night to say
he wouldn’t be at the board meeting, and then I got the ominous call the next
morning.”  Lewandowski says that that meeting was the only one he
knows of that Miller ever missed unless he was out of town.

tough to get over,” he says, “but we need everyone to know we’re
still around.”  Indeed, Miller never spoke of the terminal without
giving much credit and emphasis to the “supporting cast of
characters” that Lewandowski was certainly a big part of.

an eclectic group,” Lewandowski says, “maybe not people who would
even hang out together if not for the terminal functions and planning
sessions.”  All the better for the project planning they have ahead
of them.  Coming from all different backgrounds and areas of expertise,
the common binding factor is their passion for the CTRC’s role in bringing life
to the terminal’s future that will echo, and perhaps exceed, its past. 

going to get this show on the road and create a vision.  We have
architects and planners that will create projects, that will in turn summon
those with deep pockets,” Lewandowski stated.  “We didn’t always
go after help like that before, but we will.  And we’ll have something to
show investors.  We know there are people out there willing to help.”

about the revival of rail?  “Oh, it’s there,” Lewandowski said. 
“There’s interest.”

board also announced its intention to create a master plan by October 2010 to
protect, stabilize and preserve the Central Terminal Rail Station for eventual
renovation and reuse. The board’s top priority is to clarify issues and better
inform public officials of the unique advantages of this site, as well as the
significant long-lasting benefits that will occur once the terminal returns to
regular use. The CTRC board invites all elected officials, community leaders,
educators and neighborhood groups to join us as we develop our Master Plan to
save this structure from destruction by time and neglect.

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