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A Classic Buffalo Moment

feel like I experienced a classic Buffalo moment this morning. The nice young
woman in the photo (and her dog) were taking a walk on my street today. She
brought over the dog so my son could pet him.

dog’s name?” I asked. Sahlen. 

I have to say, Sahlen is the perfect name
for a Western New York wiener dog. The dog’s owner, Sarah Walgate, told me she
is a regular reader of Buffalo Rising. Well Sarah, if you read this, it was
nice to meet you and your dachshund, and it always feels great to run into
pro-Buffalo people.

told me that her out-of-town friends just don’t get it when she tells them her
dog’s name. It might be hard for us to believe, but the name Sahlen doesn’t
automatically register with people outside our region. Well, I suppose it’s
nice to have some fairly well-kept secrets in our community.

Could a companion named Ted be far behind? 


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