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Waterfront Meeting Wants You

Do you have ideas for the waterfront?  Are you curious as to what others plan?  Show up and weigh in tomorrow, August 12th at 6 PM, at the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, 2nd floor, Pan American room.

City of Buffalo, local business and community representatives will be on hand to discuss opportunities to reshape Downtown Buffalo and one of the world’s oldest and most valuable inland ports.
On the agenda, expect the following:

  • How can we make the
    waterfront a place for the public to enjoy?
  • What does the
    community want out of our waterfront access?
  • How can we build upon
    the assets already present at the Buffalo Waterfront?
  • What ways can we
    bring commercial activity to the area?
  • How can further
    action be taken to improve the downtown neighborhoods and the connections
    to the waterfront? 
  • How can we best celebrate this unique area?
The meeting is being convened by Earl Ketry (Pearl Street Grill & Brewery, “Erie Hills Park”) and Bill Zimmerman (Buffalo’s “Nautical Mile”).  David Granville from the Office of Strategic Planning will be in attendance.
Photo: Glenn E Murray, Esq.

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