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Two Local Guys Plan to Give a Bird’s Eye View of the Country While Flying High

On Aug. 12th, 2009 JetBlue Airways announced their “All You Can Jet” promotion.  Pay $599 and book unlimited to flights to any destination.  The promotion will last from September 8th to October 8th.  Buffalo residents Clark Dever and Joe DiNardo have decided to use this promotion as an opportunity to fly from city to city across the United States.  Each day will be a new city, and the pair plans to keep their time in each stop along their trip limited to 12 hours.


Joe and Clark will be documenting their cross country journey on their blog and on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Clark is a professional photographer, who will be constantly taking pictures and publishing them along the way.  The pair will also interview with fellow passengers and locals at their destinations with the goal of “creating a broad glimpse of America as we travel.”  These interviews and pictures will be added to their blog on a daily basis, allowing the public to follow Joe and Clark’s trip as it progresses.  The blog and social networking sites will also allow the adventurers to interact with their followers and get feedback from them. 


Joe and Clark hope to make the most of their 12 hours on the ground in each city by visiting as many sites and attractions as possible, while also sampling the local culture and nightlife.  Those who wish to help the guys by giving them some tips on what to see and what to do at any of their destinations can do so at their wiki page, where the duo have already posted their itinerary for the first twelve days of their trip.  Clark Dever says, “I think the greatest part about this adventure is that everyone can be a part of it. We have a wiki, where viewers in each city can tell us where to go and eat, what’s the must-see attraction, what events are happening while we’re in town, etc.  Never has a trip of this magnitude been planned with the help of so many people, we look forward to interacting with our viewers through the blog and twitter.  I think it will spur very interesting conversation.”


As to how the pair came up with this plan, Dever recalls, “I was talking with Joe about a trip I was planning at the time and he said ‘Did you hear about the JetBlue Promotion?’; after he quickly explained it, we decided that we had to rise to the challenge, to see and document as much of the US as possible, in a single month.”


The two call themselves “regular guys with an appetite for adventure, who quest for the unusual and the unexpected”.  Joe Dinardo explains that “Clark and I have always had the kind of friendship where we peer-pressure each other to do outlandish things, we’ve always competed to have the best stories at the end of the night.  I see this as just a natural progression from our usual antics.  I really don’t know what will happen, but we both agree that whatever it is, it will be entertaining – definitely worth watching.”


For more information on this incredible adventure, people can visit the blog, where there are also sponsorship opportunities available for those who are interested.



Image: Luke Copping of Prometheus 233. Joe DiNardo, left; Clark Dever, right.

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