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Sabres Hockeyfest ’09… and the “Brabarian”

The Buffalo Sabres Hockeyfest is scheduled to begin bright and early at 8 AM tomorrow (Sunday, August 22nd).  A tent sale featuring quirky memorabilia such as old goal lights will be on sale for crazed fans of the Blue and Gold.

And no, there will be no Orange Aud seats available (which is a shame, as they’d fetch quite a price).  You can check out a list of what they will be offering here.

Meanwhile, the Sabres signed yet another tough guy – Jeff Cowan, also known as “The Brabarian.”  This is not a misspelling; apparently, fans up in Canada throw bras on the ice when he actually scores a goal (which is a rarity).

cowan_brabarian.jpgAt first, I thought this was pretty darned cool.  But then I did some checking up on this.  Now, I know Canadians can seem a little quirky to we blue collar Buffalonians at times, but this whole bra-throwing thing has started to feel a little more than weird. I assumed it was the ladies throwing the underwear, like they would at a Tom Jones concert.

But no… it’s the Canadian DUDES.

This is from a blog written by Josh Plummer, located at

“I was disappointed Canucks fans didn’t throw a bra on the ice when Jeff Cowan scored against the Avalanche.

Threads on have claimed some fans did try throwing lingerie from the upper deck but the bras didn’t make it to the ice. Some said they had them confiscated at the gates by security before the game, too.

Sweet. I’m glad the effort was there, and so are some of the Canuck players. I was in the dressing room yesterday talking to Cowan about something unrelated and another player walked by and said with a smile, ‘Make sure you tell everyone Cowan was choked there were no bras on the ice!'”

I am not sure that Buffalo fans will continue this tradition. Maybe in Portland… they have a much higher Canadian latitude.

In the meantime, go ahead and visit the Brabarian’s fansite for a good time. 



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