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Chef Remembers Ted’s and Mighty Taco

Ex-Buffalonian, author and chef Alfred Portale, when asked to pick his favorite fast food places for Esquire Magazine, came up with Ted’s and Mighty Taco.  These are two homegrown area favorites–and success stories–that seem to stick in the minds of anyone who ever lived in Buffalo and many who’ve only passed through.  Remember when we used to call the Ted’s off of Porter Avenue “Theodore’s on the Lake”?  

As the executive chef and co-owner of Gotham Bar and Grill on East 12th Street in New York City, Portale’s words carry some weight, and it’s fitting that he recognizes both Ted’s and Mighty Taco for being the local fast food anchors in this town of eateries.  True, we can think of some (Anderson’s, Elmwood Taco and Sub, Jim’s Steak Out) that cropped up before and since Portale went to NYC to seek his fame and fortune, but the fact that the 2 restaurants he mentioned are still going strong nearly a quarter century after his departure says a lot about the value of these small local chains.  
So there, I’ll bet Portale makes a beeline for both places when he’s back in town, and we think it’s great that he thought back to his Buffalo days when he thought of good, fast food.  Late lunch, anyone?  
What’s your favorite fast food place?
Image: Gotham Bar and Grill site.
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