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Cool Buffalo Real Estate Listing of the Week

I am
spotlighting a rental today that may be against the dictum of “cool,”
but I’m doing it anyway. To compound the already dubious choice of
“cool,” I am jumping on a recent neighborhood bandwagon: the 700
block of Main Street between Goodell Street and West Tupper, specifically
The Sidway Apartments and Lofts at 775 Main Street.

I decided to
stroll over and give it a look, given all of the recent press the block has
received since opening up for two-way traffic again. The whole block smelled
like a room after a fresh coat of paint. It is clean and crisp with jet-black
asphalt and bright-white road lines. The office and business fronts toward
West Tupper are all sleek and professional looking. It is a very
nice newly refurbished block and it
has seemingly ample room to grow.

The Sidway
Apartments look like a great way to introduce people to what should be the
model for an ideal downtown renaissance. The apartments are bright, spacious
and modern, but not that weird dystopian-sterile I’ve seen in some modern
apartments. It is a short walk to a number of cool places such as;
City Wine Merchant, Squeaky
, Chow Chocolat, Market Arcade Film and Arts Center, CEPA, Irish Classical Theatre, Town
, The Tralf Music Hall, and that list could go on for a
while, depending on how far you wanted to walk, or take the free train…

If you happen
to be in the area, take a brief detour and check out what could be (hopefully)
the future of downtown Buffalo, and if you are so inclined, move in and help
expedite the process.

Call 852.4321 or email Keith Schottman for more information.

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