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Prospect Garden Art Installation

City becomes sanctuary. More specifically, the garden lot at 103 Prospect Avenue will be transformed by artists Justin Booth and Brian DeAngelo on Friday, July 17th from 8:30-10:30. With a Grassroots garden in full bloom, and a video projection of the sounds and sights of nature, this art installation will bring you the outdoors free of charge.
Much more than a backdrop for art, the garden at 103 Prospect Avenue is maintained by Justin and Lily Booth and is part of Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo. As I saw on my own tour (and shown in the photos below), the beauty of the garden itself is cause for an art opening and half the attraction. By nurturing gardens like this, Grassroots aims to revitalize and beautify vacant property all around Buffalo and has a wildly positive impact on Buffalo communities.


another flower.jpg
Created by Brian DeAngelo and Dave DePasquale, the video installation features nature footage from all over New York State and sound recordings from the Adirondack region. The video will be projected against the building overlooking the garden. Vivifying scenes of free, non-human-dominated land, the video will be in healthy contrast to the urbanized Buffalo that we are all used to and is a perfect complement to the garden. The show offers us a chance to consider the importance of nature, support environmentalist groups, and explore the historic West Village.
As Justin points out, this type of natural outdoor art show is something that has never been seen before in Buffalo. Viewers can savor nature firsthand, experiencing the video through sight and sound while physically being in the garden. Such intimacy with nature is rare – us city-dwellers deserve this dose of fresh air.
Of course, refreshments will also be provided. Rusty Chain Beer will be on tap, with proceeds going to Green Options Buffalo, who promote environmentally-friendly transportation and have been active setting up bicycle racks throughout the city. And where there’s beer, there’s bound to be a veggie plate or two.
Apart from the opening on July 17th from 8:30-10:30, the installation is also open on July 18th from 8:30-10:30. Special thanks to the Arts Council for supporting the installation!
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