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Meet the Blue Devils

Recently, I told you about Drums Along the Waterfront, which is cool both in name and substance, since it features the best drum and brass companies on the planet.  It should be pretty inspiring, given the tremendous talent it takes to both play music and remain in award-winning formation while performing.  And now you can find out exactly what it takes to perform at that elite level by hanging out with the best of the best; the Concord Blue Devils, often billed as “the New York Yankees of brass and drum corps” because they’ve dominated the world, winning 12 world championships and garnering top five finishes in the world for the last 27 years.

On Sunday, August 2nd, get to Ralph Wilson Stadium at 1 PM for registration, and see the Blue Devils hand out information about their warm-up activities and the entire drum corps.  The corps even allows participants to join in their formations with instruments and guard equipment, allowing you to feel what it’s like to be a part of the team.  Following this, eat dinner with the corps and witness pre-show rituals.  After the competition, the team offers a snack and chance to hang out during the post show meeting.  And of course, there’s a free T-shirt involved.

Oh, and it’s all free, all you need is a Drums Along the Waterfront ticket.  Groups are asked to register for Meet The Blue Devils by calling 504-7751 the morning of the event.  Individuals can call to reserve a spot or go to Ralph Wilson between 1 and 1:30 PM on Sunday.

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