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Forbes’ Mad Lib for the Day

I am now convinced that the writers and editors of Forbes use
computer generated article templates, into which they plug names of cities
chosen through a random city name generator. Either that, or their
writers have never stepped foot near Buffalo, know only what they know through
past media stereotypes, and don’t give a fig about who they step on as they
spread high-visibility dreck across the land via their ethically bereft

Forbes’ latest Mad Lib effort is a food piece “Bon appetit! America’s top restaurant cities.  In it,
John Mariani writes: 

But in the past decade other cities came way up in
reputation, so that now you can dine amazingly well in just about any city of
any size. 
O.K., maybe
not Buffalo
, Detroit, and Mobile, but most certainly
there is an amazing number of good restaurants in cities as small as
Greenville, S.C.,
Naples, Fla., and Louisville, Ken.

Part of me wants to rail at Mariani, but I know that what I
really want is for him to come to Buffalo, experience some of the finest
restaurants – anywhere – and amend his view based on fact.

There are people all over the country and the world who are well
aware of the excellence of the restaurants here.  And they miss them!  Oliver’s,
the Rue Franklin, Lombardo’s, Trattoria Aroma, Tempo, Prime 490, Hutch’s,
Left Bank, Torches, the 31 Club…so many I know I’ll leave some out.  Help
me, Greek chorus.

And while you’re on simmer, have at the editor here:  Here’s
Mariani’s email: 

Screen shot from Grub Street Chicago.

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