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Dublin’s Stand delights at Buffalo’s Pearl Street Grill

On a night where there were half a dozen places in Buffalo to hear really outstanding music, including the kick-off to Buffalo Rocks the Harbor, I chose the 2nd floor back patio of the Pearl Street Grill to hear an free concert featuring the outstanding foursome from Dublin, Ireland called Stand. When one favors the Pogues, Riverdance, U2, the Cranberries, and even Buffalo’s own McCarthyism and Jackdaw, it’s not a tough call for me at all. It was quite a different experience from the last time I was there. Although the crowd again was a who’s who of the local Buffalo music scene.

The quartet had dual lead singers (and both great harmonizers): Neil Eurell, with his signature tweed hat, on bass; and Alan Doyle on rhythm guitar. They played off each other all night. David Walsh, lead guitar, composes their originals. Finally, Carl Dowling, drums, wrote the lyrics. Yet David and Carl did not sing on that night. I can’t remember the last time I saw the songwriters in a band not sing, but rock they did. Neil asked if everybody was doing OK at the Pearl Street, he said they certainly were. On the back porch of the second floor, the beautiful sunset and clear sky anticipated the start of their set.  
Different bands they covered sounded like the Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, early Radiohead, the Beatles (Day Tripper), and Bowie (I’m an Alligator). I especially liked Bowie and Queen’s “Under Pressure”, the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”, a song originally by Montreal’s Arcade Fire, and Cream’s “White Room”. Neil mentioned going from Belfast to Buffalo while introducing a cover song by Belfast’s The Undertones.
3wferferfgergver.png                                         Stand has beautiful fans
Stand’s covers were good, and originals were better. Stand had a “singalong” song called “Slightly Rough”. “Fate Becomes You” was fine. I especially liked “Love Will Never Creep In”… perhaps this will be their next hit single. One of my favorite moments was when Neil talked about being in Buffalo, meeting a girl, going to Niagara Falls, and then segued into “Walking With Ghosts”.
                                                 Alan Doyle rocking out
On to the Encore! A gentleman from the crowd told the band about Nietszches’ Rolling Stones event, “Exile on Allen Street” (modified from the Stones album “Exile on Main St”), so for their first encore they covered the Stones’ “Painted Black”. Their next song was a cover of MGMT’s “Kids”.  Finally, Stand’s own “The Living Kind” – the end of a 2 1/2 hour set… what a way to go out! Regarding their latest visit to Buffalo, Neil put it best, “Let’s hope it’s not the end, but just the beginning.”  
                                                      Carl Dowling in action
Their past had four cds: Correspondent, Beautiful Grey, Transmissions, Travel Light. While in Buffalo for the week recording their fifth CD at Goo Goo Doll‘s Robby Takac’s new studio, GCR Audio. Neil said the band had been hanging out on Allen Street during their stay, and jokingly apologized for any trouble he caused in Buffalo!
I had a great conversation afterset with Stand’s soundman, Shuggy. He mentioned they had done 11 or 12 originals that night. He loved Buffalo’s incredible music scene, and likened it to Dublin’s. It occurred to me the working class roots that both cities had in common. I found everybody in the band easy to talk to.
                                        Neil Eurell had great stage presence
Dan and Gina from Manhattan manage the band. Dan mentioned how the old Trackmaster Studio had a ton of Goo money recently invested into it, and now had been transformed into a world class recording studio, partially due to a world class architect named Steve. It’s nice to see some people believe in Buffalo. For a BRO take on the studio itself see Robby Takac and a Tour.
If I bungled any of Stand’s titles or comments, my sincerest apologies. By Dublinian might not always be the best… and I hope the band understood my Buffalonian!
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