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Dinner at Bijou Grille

Bijou Grill is known for their fresh seafood and consistent flavors. 
Executive Chef Michael Greco has been there since the beginning of the Bijou,
and has been serving up his signature dishes for 18 years. Owner Bea Militello,
otherwise known as ‘Bea of the Bijou’ has the ability to instantly make a guest
in her restaurant feel like a part of her extended family.  Both addressed
the importance of consistency in the flavors. “I’m a real fussy
eater,” says Militello, “so we are fussy about the food we serve.
Nothing you see has ever been frozen. Our vegetables come in every day during
theater season, and every other day when it’s off season.”  Born and
raised in Buffalo, Militello understands the importance of this community. 
Looking out the giant windows of the enclosed patio, Militello says, “I
wanted to be a part of it all.”


Located across from Shea’s, the Bijou fits right in with the
grand beauty of that section of Main Street.  I definitely recommend the
Baked Crab, Brie & Artichoke Dip.  The dip is mild in texture, yet
full of flavor.  It’s one of those dishes where you discover a new flavor
with every bite, and together they make a perfect combination.

The Five Cheese Haddock is also a dish to call your mom about.
The flaky cheese shavings make the haddock look like it’s covered in coconut
shavings, but the flavor is nutty and cheesy.  It is served with grilled
vegetables on the side. What really ties the whole dish together is the Wasabi
mayonnaise sauce on the rim of the plate.  


I sat in front of the Classic Cioppino in awe of its size and
beautifully bold color.  I started with the pile of seafood on the top of
the dish.  After devouring through the mix of clams, mussels, fish,
shrimp, and scallops, the hot tomato/seafood broth has had enough time to
finish cooking the rice on the bottom to the perfect texture.  Everything
was so fresh, and it was void of the much-dreaded grit that retired me from
seafood years back.  The Bijou has done it right and brought me back. 
People who are near and dear to me won’t believe me when I say this, but I like

The Bijou has a great staff and great
service.  They refer to the girl who has been a server for 2 years ‘the
new girl.’  Going to the Bijou is just an awesome experience that will
make you want to come back for more. 

Oh, and do yourself a favor and tell Anthony the bartender to
“make something yummy.”  Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

Bijou Grill is located at 643 Main Street.  See for a menu and catering options.

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