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Buffalo Independence Day Celebration at the Central Wharf Downtown

The second year of the celebration of America’s Independence at the Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf was yet again a wonderful success. The Color Guard unfolded the Stars and Stripes in a very deliberate fashion following a very regimented method. Finally our flag was unfurled for all to see, and to a standing ovation at that.

Buffalo fashions this year for the 4th of July featured lots of skirts combined with jeans (the wind coming off of Lake Erie made it a bit chilly) plus red, white and blue jackets and sunglasses. I remember last year, when Independence Day featured the unveiling of the brand spankin’ new Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf, and some folks thought that all of the Thursday at The Square concerts would be relocated to this gorgeous waterfront venue – they ended up being half right with eight Buffalo Rocks the Harbor concerts this year!  For a BRO take on last year’s event please see Independence Day at the Central Wharf
A lot of boats were docked at the back of the Central Wharf. The best boat title that I saw really captured the moment – The Spirit of Buffalo. There is nothing quite like being on a boat during a Buffalo summer and watching the sun set on the waves. Reminds me of the time I was in New York City for their Independence Day Celebration.
Did these girls get the balloons, or did the balloons get the girls?  
There were lots of activities to keep the kids busy this year. Sonshine, the balloon clown, was busy making magical balloon creations, such as princess wands, fish on a fishing pole, airplanes, dogs and cats. 
Kumbayah, the tattoo clown, had lots of customers. Note the use of water bottles as paperweights to keep the tattoos from blowing away… hopefully high winds would not cancel the fireworks! Tattoo-wise the kids absolutely loved the alien, Patrick Smileface, Bugsy the monkey and most of all Dora. Kumbayah is a 29 year retired Master Sergeant, US Army Reserves medical branch. 
Explore and More Children’s Museum had tables set up for kids to use their creativity, curiosity and imagination by attaching yarn, glitter, ribbons, stickers, streamers and feathers onto masks. Lots of Red White and Blue here!
                Please share any Independence Day experiences that you had with us! 
I did get to hear some great music from the Colored Musician’s Club on the main stage, as well as Tom Stahl and the Dangerfields. Unfortunately I had dressed a little bit too optimistically this year, and felt some chills, so I had to leave before the promise of incredible fireworks. I’m sure next year will even top this year!  
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