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Upcoming Thursday Dance Party

This Thursday, June 4th, The Disco Biscuits will be performing at Thursday at the Square.  They are the only act, so make sure to get there for the whole show, starting around 5.  Last year was the first time The Disco Biscuits performed at the square, and they rocked; it was one of the best acts of the summer last year.  Because of their performance and their rising popularity in Buffalo, they have been invited back for a second year. They look to continue the energetic atmosphere and put on an even better show with one amazing dance party. 

The Disco Biscuits offer a very different type of music to the Buffalo scene.  “Trance-Fusion” is what they call their style of play.  It is a mix of free form improvisations of jazz and hypnotic rhythms of electro music that they began playing in the mid-90’s as a party band at the University of Pennsylvania.  They have had many ups and downs, however they are playing their best at this point in their careers. 

Their live shows are extremely different then most other bands.  They rarely stop playing during a show, flowing from one song to another. One set could be an hour of non-stop, energetic dance music, and their ability to play all different forms of music makes them appealing to different music lovers.

The decreased amount of shows at the square this year adds to the fact that the The Disco Biscuits are a must see for the summer.  A great band playing a free show with cheap beer; sounds like heaven.  And for those who can’t get enough, there will be an after show at Soundlab, located at 110 Pearl St. featuring another electro band – Pnuma Trio. 

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