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TO Needs a Home. Let’s Help Him Out.

If you’re on “the Twitter,” and you’re not following @buffalorising, you’re making a big mistake.  But enough about us.  If you’re not following the newest and most-talked about Buffalonian – @terrellowens81 – you’re making an even bigger mistake. 

TO tweets like a madman – he’s prolific and responsive.  He created his account on March 12, 2009 and during the intervening 82 days, he’s tweeted 817 times (and counting).  That’s about 10 tweets a day for the future Hall of Famer. 

As TO makes his adjustment to his new life in Buffalo, he’s frequently tweeting about his transition.  And he’s been talking a lot about where he’s going to live.  He asked Takeo Spikes where he lived when he played for the Bills (answer: Hamburg).  He’s had a good back-and-forth with @LockportRealtor about whether he should buy or rent (and seems dissatisfied with bedrooom sizes at the Pasquale). 

Unfortunately, just when it seems like TO finally found a place to live – in Orchard Park where many Bills choose to live – it turns out he’s been turned down. About an hour ago, TO tweeted: how bout this? the owners @ 1 DEER RUN wn’t rent 2 me b/c they said they dn’t want drama n their neighborhood!!! WOW!!

We’re not sure what kind of drama the owners @ 1 Deer Run are looking to avoid; maybe Jeff Garcia and/or Donovan McNabb live in the sub-division as well.  But we do know that TO needs a home.  So let’s help him out. 

It’s clear TO wants to rent/lease and he wants some space.  And he doesn’t want it decorated like his gramma’s place (no offense to grandmothers everywhere).  It would probably be good if he had some outside space to do sit-ups, too.   

Of course, we think TO would love living in the city.  JP Losman did, and while that didn’t quite work out for his career, we’re sure living on Oakland Place didn’t cause his problems.

So does anyone know of a good place for #81 to rent? 


Image courtesy of Reed Rankin of RPM Entertainment Productions.


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